The Real Estate photographer you use reflects your business more than you know.


We live in an online visual world and how we present ourselves and our business online says everything about us.

In Real Estate this is especially true. Your reputation as a realtor is the life blood of your ability to generate income for yourself and your family.

What are you doing to maximize your marketing?

A picture is worth a thousand words it has been said. but does that picture have a monetary value when it comes to Real Estate?

Absolutely it does!

A single photo can have a positive or negative monetary value on your business. The positive or negative effect depends on the type or Real Estate photographer you chose to hire, or if you chose not to hire one at all.

What visually stimulates a viewer?



The definition of a “good photo” is a photo that causes someone to stop for just a few seconds and to say “wow”. Those few seconds inside someone mind could mean the difference between that person picking up the phone and calling you vs flipping on to the next listing.

What makes a “good” Real Estate Photo?

For Real Estate purposes we want our viewer to see everything a home has to offer so they can visually and emotionally see themselves spending their lives inside the space we are showcasing. The challenge of taking a photo indoors is lighting. Today’s modern cameras can not properly expose every part of a room like the human eye can. Even the most expensive camera you can buy at your local electronics store can not give you the true to life feel and color inside a room with just one click of the shutter.


So how is this achieved?

A popular method is called HDR.


HDR is a process of taking multiple shots at different exposures and using software to blend the properly exposed parts of the photos together to form one photo that the shadows and highlights of a room are all exposed properly. This lets the viewer see into the dark shadows of a corner and still see the lighter areas near a window much like the natural human eye. The problem with HDR is the effect of the software processing gives off an untrue to life coloring to the room and can create a harsh burn look on the walls and lighting.

This method is popular with high volume Real Estate photographers because it is a fast process that can create “just good enough” photos that can get them on to the next listing.

There are some Realtors that like this look because of the high saturation of color HDR offers. It “pops” and they believe that is enough to grab a persons attention.  Attention can be good for clicks but clicks and a conversion to a phone call or inquiry are too different things.

(You are better than this)


Flash Photography

Example of a single shot flash photo

The next method is using flash.

Flash photography has been around since the beginning. Flash photography when it comes to Real Estate allows the light to fill in the dark areas and give the viewer the true color of a room. The problem with just using flash photography in Real Estate is the photo comes out looking “Flashy” (Remember our goal is for the viewer to imagine themselves living in your listing) When a room has a flashy look it is extremely unnatural to the viewer.

This method is also popular with the high volume Real Estate Photographer. It allows them to move from room to room quickly taking only one shot and moving on to the next listing. Profitable for them, but could have a negative effect on your brand.

So whats the solution? How do I set myself apart from the hundreds of thousands of photos on MLS? How do I connect visually and emotionally with my viewer with just a single photo?


Example of a photo using the “Flambient” method

The solution in the Real Estate Photography industry is called “Flambient” funny name but it combines the art of a properly placed FLash (to give the true color of a room) and the AMBIENT light of a room. Ambient light is extremely important for someone to visualize how that room would feel to be standing or sitting in it. The way the light comes in a window and the shadowing it leaves on the dark side of a couch or chair.

Small details like the direction of a shadow to the untrained eye most often will never be noticed because it is natural. It is normal for a shadow to come off a lamp shade next to a window. A photo that is true to life color and has a natural flow to the lighting gives you the best opportunity to connect with someone in the online world you have never meet.

What is unnatural is the color effect HDR produces or the unnatural shadows a flash can create in a room. These details may have never crossed your mind when looking at what your photographer is producing for you, but that matter to your viewer and how your brand is perceived online.

Quality Estate Photography can never take the place of the relationship you build with your clients nor can it take the place of your years of experience in negotiating the best deal. Quality Photography should be used as the tip of the spear, the first point of contact, the first impression between you and new relationships that will further your business.

A shameless plug for Inside The Address

I have just a few years of experience at Real Estate photography unlike some of my competitors you may be using now. My experience comes with almost two decades in business and marketing, some years with fortune 500 companies, some years with mom and pop companies, and some years scraping my knees on my own. I understand how the buying and selling process starts and what it takes to maintain and build a healthy business. I also understand what it’s like to put everything into a business and fail miserably. When I started Inside The Address I wanted a business that truly connects with people. In order to do that I had to produce a product that not only stood apart from others but offered my clients the connections they were looking for with their own clients.

I started off using the HDR method, frankly because that’s what everyone else was doing. But after the mentorship of some of the best Real Estate photographers in the US and abroad, I discovered what I was missing. I need to put myself in the shoes of the person looking for a place to call home. Not what I thought looked best or what the Realtor thought was the trend of the day, but what the everyday person about to make one of the biggest financial of their life needed to see.

I may not be the right fit for you, and you may not be the right fit for me. The beauty of the free market is we are free chose what works best for our situation, our business and our family.

All I ask is that you examine your own business and ask yourself am I truly doing everything I can to represent the best I have to offer.

Would our businesses be a good fit for each other?

Let’s sit down and have a conversation and see if we would. Shoot me an email and lets set up a time. I live in League City, TX and cover from Galveston to Houston.

A special thanks to Rich Baum, Sam Chen, Wayne Capili, Nathan CoolCarol Embry, and many others for inspiring me to move beyond mediocrity.